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Visual Merchandising Company

Visual Merchandising Company

Visual Merchandising is the art of presenting the store and the merchandise in the best possible way. The aim of any retail visual merchandising is to maximise profit while minimising the costs.

Visual Merchandising is a key instrument in showing off the uniqueness of the merchandise for maximising the marketing and sales.

Especially in the developed countries, such as the United Kingdom, visual merchandising has an important priority in commercial product and store planning.

Most big retail chains understand that ill presentation and bad display will have a negative impact on the sales. As a result they adopt the scientific visual merchandising techniques rather than the traditional practices of display of merchandise.

Visual merchandising spans a wide range of activities from educating the customers on the use of a new product or service to creating desire, which is all aimed at augmenting the sales process. Retail visual merchandising not only helps the shoppers’ make the right purchasing decision but will also helpestablish a long lasting impact by setting the company apart in an exclusive position. It combines the marketing, product design and most importantly marketing.

Duties of Visual Merchandiser

The visual merchandising experts possess a mixture of skills including, technical aspects, creativity as well as extensive business and product knowledge. Depending on the nature and the size of the retail shop typical work responsibilities may be slightly different but the typical work activities include (but not limited to):

Following local and national marketing trends
Tracking the competition’s point-of-sale and window display ideas
Producing new promotional activities, events and displays
Having an awareness of stock levels to restyle the activities accordingly and easily
Understanding of sales figures and data analysis for shaping future activities
Whatever you decide to do with your business, do make sure to pay extra attention to your visual merchandising.

Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising
Visual Merchandising and Window Dressing Services
08/21/2014 15:31:24
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