Retail Window Dressing Services

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Is Window Dressing Effective?
Window dressing is indeed becoming a trend. Most retail stores are displaying their best-selling products on their shop windows. Is it an effective way of selling your products? You already hired a professional window dresser to decorate your shop window. How will you know that window dressing is indeed bringing in more sales for your store? There are a lot of ways to find out.

After installing the display on your shop's window, count the number of people that enter your store. You can do manual click counting or install infrared sensors. You can also put up video cameras inside or outside of your shop to count foot traffic. You can visually count the people and also check out how many passers-by stop and take a look at your display window. Check your POS (point-of-sale) data after your display window has been installed. You will surely notice the increase (decrease) of your sales. You can also check which type of display is really catching your customer's eye by checking foot traffic and POS data every time you change your display window. Finally, the most effective way is to really ask your customer for feedback. You can hand out a survey sheet or just simply ask them face-to-face if the reason that they entered your store is because of the display on the shop window or is because of pricing, etc. If the customers can pitch in some suggestions, that would be wonderful! After all, they are the main reason why you do window dressing for your store.
05/17/2014 09:58:03
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